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Despite being a holiday week, your clicks, shares and views helped us amass a pretty solid week of web traffic! Thanks to everyone who took time out of their short workweek to visit the site and click on our content. Helping to further prove my long-held theory that we’re all more productive on four-day workweeks, hint, hint any higher-ups reading this! Please let us know your feedback in the comment sections of articles or by emailing Also, if you haven’t already, please follow us on social, FB, IG, LinkedIn, X, and TikTok. According to our internal data, these are the top ten things you all clicked on this week.

1. Radio Influencers Podcast NEW EPISODE ‘Roger Rafson’ (Management) Created by Andy Meadows

2. Call In To Win Contests Don’t Work (Programming) Written by Tracy Johnson

3. Designing Engaging Social Media Campaigns For Radio Station Events & Contests (Digital) Written by Julie Bortnick

4. How to Manage Client Interviews On-Air (Management) Written by Tracy Johnson

5. The Most Powerful – and Overlooked – Weapon in Your Sales Arsenal (Sales) Written by Brent Hoodenpyle

6. Video Tips & Tricks NEW EPISODE ‘Wish 107.5 Example’ (Digital) Created by John Reynolds

7. 10 Reasons Media Companies Love Hubspot CRM (Sales) Written by Emily Hartzell

8. Radio is Still Relevant (Management) Written by Stephanie Blue

9. Content of the Week Winner! (Programming) Written by Andy Meadows

10. Make Your Show Prep Locally Relatable (Programming) Written by John Lund

As always, big thanks to all of our content contributors for all the clickable, shareable content they created this week! If you’d like to create content for Radio Update and get paid for it click here to get more info.

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