We Asked Them to Apply, Thankfully They Did

We asked them to apply. Now we have a responsibility to them. As hiring managers, there are easy steps in the application communication process we need to be using, otherwise it’s a black eye on ourselves and our companies. I’ve been both the hiring person and the applicant. Here’s what I’ve learned from being on both sides.​

If we advertise an opening and get an application, email an acknowledgement of receipt. Auto-replies are fine.

If an applicant emails something during this process, don’t ghost them. A “Thanks, got it” or “Interesting” will suffice.

If an applicant isn’t being or no longer being considered, that’s okay. Again, don’t ghost them. Cut them loose so they’re not left wondering. “We’re focused on a few others but wish you continued success”.

Once we’ve filled the position, the other applicants we have interviewed…in person, Zoom or by phone…deserve a short personal phone call from us letting them know.

Finally, after all of the above steps have been completed, release it to the trades. It’s terrible to have applicants find out in the trades that the position has been filled. They’ve probably spent hours doing online applications, preparing audio, offering listening observations, completing questionnaires, discussing and most importantly, investing emotion into the process for us. Leaders know that “too busy” is never an excuse for doing the right thing. It goes with the job.

Much of the above is copy and paste. Not difficult or time consuming. Sadly, so few do this, that applicants are blown away when we do and they’ll enthusiastically let us know that. By failing to reply, the unfortunate, unintended message we’re sending applicants is that they aren’t important to us or our industry. I hear from many in this group, and I know firsthand, that the silence and lack of response is dark, deflating and humiliating. We need simple, kind communication.

We’re a small, specialized group of believers and doers who share an unapologetic passion for Radio. This is our career. This is what we do. This is who we are. We’re a family. For sure it’s a stressful time but we all have an opportunity to better communicate, lift and encourage each other. How we engage and treat one another translates to the vibe of how our teams and brands engage internally and externally. We all need more kindness and compassion in the world right now. Let’s do our part by engaging with our industry peers and practicing the simple Golden Rule of treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves.

Take the opportunity to help build someone up today.

Pic designed by Drazen Zigic for Freepik.com.

Chuck Knight is a former Program Director for WBEB/Jerry Lee Radio Philadelphia, Emmis Communications Indianapolis, Saga Communications Columbus, SVPP iHeartMedia San Antonio/Austin. He is the current President of Chuck Knight Media. He can be reached at ChuckKnightMedia.com or Chuck@ChuckKnightMedia.com.

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