Radio Influencers Podcast NEW EPISODE

JPR Multimedia's Jeremy Robinson sits down to discuss the benefits and challenges of being a syndicated on-air personality, the power of keeping it positive on and off the air, why on-air personalities should fully embrace AI and more.

Every week I sit down with people who are helping to move the radio industry forward with their innovative ideas on music programming, on-air content development, talent coaching, digital strategies, sales approaches, management philosophies and how to get young people to engage more with radio. New episodes come out audio/video on Tuesdays at 10am EST. But, we’ll also keep a video archive of all episodes on this post and here’s a link to listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

Episode 6: Jeremy Robinson (CEO/President of JPR Multimedia & Syndicated On-Air Personality)


Episode 5: Tracy Johnson (CEO of Tracy Johnson Media Group & Co-Creator of Radio Content Pro)


Episode 4: Reagan Ingstad (Partner/VP of Programming i3G Media)



Episode 3: Howard Kroeger (CEO of Kroeger Media Inc and creator of Bob FM & Hank FM)



Episode 2: Julie Bortnick (President SocialCast)



Episode 1: Mike Moore (PD New Country 101.5 WKHX-FM Atlanta, GA)



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