Radio is Still Relevant

More people listen to the radio than use Facebook. Read that again.

It’s true! When I read that stat I double, triple checked it. According to, 298 million people listen to the radio, which is more than 180 million people who use Facebook weekly. That’s not all:

  • EdisonResearch states 55% of GenZ listen to the radio…that’s the 13-24 year olds. Here we thought that age group was completely avoiding radio.
  • 77% of listeners would buy or try something their favorite on-air DJ loves and talks about.
  • Adults listen to a little over 12 hours of radio a week
  • Even though we thought smart speakers would help the demise of radio, more people USE their smart speakers to listen to their favorite station!

While, yes, radio is changing….A LOT…what can still be said is people are continuing to tune in. Even with the addition of AI and ChatGPT, people STILL want to hear local talent. Let’s face it, that’s why they are tuning in! It’s you! The radio DJs! They can get music anywhere, the reason they are listening is because you bring value to their day. What you say, how you relate to the listener…it all, still, very much matters.
Think about it…during times of crisis, whether it’s weather, crime, breaking news in your city, the listeners want to hear from YOU. They trust YOU to deliver the truth. You make them feel comfortable because, believe it or not, they look at you as a friend. Someone they hear from every single day. They want to hear what you have to say about what’s happening in your community.

Radio will be around forever. It really will. Clearly, down the road, it will be completely different from what it is today. But the fact remains, radio will be around. Why?

  • It’s easily accessible. It’s in your office, it’s in your car, it’s in your home, it’s at your doctor’s office, it’s EVERYWHERE.
  • It’s free! You don’t have to have a subscription to tune in. You just turn it on.
  • Radio is adapting. A couple years ago I was consistently told, “your job won’t exist in the next couple of years.” However, the great radio minds got together and decided, no, we will adapt to new technologies and studies. We will continue to grow with our listeners. And that’s exactly what happened.
  • Radio is loved by everyone! Compared to podcasts, which is focused directly on a particular topic or theme, radio covers everything.
  • Now that the technology IS changing, working in radio allows you to learn so many new avenues. You learn about ChatGPT which can be great for script writing and stationality. We’re learning how AI can be a benefit to creating content. It’s not all bad! Use it to your advantage.

Yes, it’s a scary time to be in radio. We’re in the middle of a huge overhaul. But is it over? Not by a long shot. Learn to grow and adapt, and always know, radio isn’t going anywhere.

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