How To Submit Content To Radio Update

If you used to work in radio or you currently work in radio in any capacity and care about the future of our industry, we would love it if you would occasionally create content for us. In fact, we’d love it so much, we’ll even pay you for it! Not a ridiculous amount of money mind you but enough to buy a reasonably priced steak dinner at a mid-level restaurant prior to the pandemic. As of right now we pay a minimum of $50 each for any content (articles or video) we use on the Radio Update website up to $100 each if it gets a lot of traction (clicks/shares). So if you have a particular radio-related topic you’re passionate about write a blog (500 to 750 words) or record a short video (1 to 5 minutes) and email it to us at Feel free to be funny, weird, blatantly honest, whatever helps to get your point and passion about radio across in an authentic and interesting way. If we choose not to use content you submit we’ll do our best to let you know why within a timely fashion but just to clarify we only pay for content we actually use on the site. We also welcome all active radio people to use that same email address to submit examples of content they or their staff created for their station for a chance to win our Content of the Week award (announced on Mondays beginning March 18, 2024).

If you don’t work in radio but have strong opinions on things radio does well or things it could improve on we’re also looking for a few submissions a month for an ‘Outside Opinions’ series and those can be submitted the same way with the subject line ‘Outside Opinions’.

Artists or labels who would like us to consider their music for Radio Update features like New Music Mondays can also submit that to with the subject line Music. Only the very strongest songs from each genre make the cut but we do our best to listen, watch and respond to as much of the music that’s submitted as time allows. We’ll also occasionally do feature articles on up and coming artists that stand out.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback on the Radio Update website or our content please email that to me at this address

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