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It was a holiday week but you still blessed us with a fair amount of clicks and shares. Thanks again for spending some time on Radio Update and letting your radio friends and coworkers know to do so as well.  Also, please continue to let us know your feedback in the comment sections of articles or by emailing and sign up for our weekly wire newsletter by clicking on the mail icon on the right-side menu from the homepage. Also, if you haven’t already, please follow us on social, FB, IG, LinkedIn, X, and TikTok. According to our internal data, these are the top ten things you all clicked on this week.

1. Radio Influencers Podcast NEW EPISODE ‘TJ from the TJ Show’ (Management) Created by Andy Meadows

2. How To Fix Radio’s Commercial Problem (Management) Written by Tracy Johnson

3. Video Tips & Tricks NEW EPISODE ‘Video Go Bag’ (Digital) Created by John Reynolds

4. Why Aircheck Sessions Suck & How to Make Them Suck Less (Programming) Written by Tracy Johnson

5. Tuning into Tomorrow, AI’s Harmonious Fusion with Radio (Digital) Written by Stephanie Callihan

6. The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites for Radio (Digital) Written by Julie Bortnick

7. 10 Programming Lessons from Taylor Swift (Programming) Written by John Lund

8. Best Practices for Working With Your National Rep to Target National Advertisers (Sales) Written by Devon Shuman

9. Do’s and Don’ts When Applying For a Dream Gig as a Personality (Programming) Written by Tracy Johnson

10. Harnessing SEO to Boost Your Radio Station’s Online Presence (Digital) Written by Julie Bortnick

As always, big thanks to all of our content contributors for all the clickable, shareable content they created this week! If you’d like to create content for Radio Update and get paid for it click here to get more info.

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