Tuning into Tomorrow: AI’s Harmonious Fusion with Radio

AI and how to embrace it has become one of the most important conversations in business. There’s an ongoing debate on how much AI is enough and where the boundaries exist for AI. Most employees and leaders agree that AI can make their companies better.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI

Three of the most often asked questions:

  • Will AI replace people, jobs, and talent?
  • What is our corporate plan and vision for AI?
  • Is AI secure and is our information protected?

We have arrived at the intersection of experimentation and implementation with AI. The facts are in, and employees want to embrace AI at work.

Workers across all businesses have been raising their hands about unrealistic expectations and an increased volume of work. Most believe that AI will help create efficiencies and will allow them to grow and improve exponentially.

The Unexpected Scale of AI Adoption

AI is being introduced into the workplace on an unexpected scale. 3 out of 4 employees say they use AI at work.

This has caught organizational leaders without a clear plan or vision for how their company is going to embrace AI. Now is the time for all leaders to create the time and space to intentionally develop their plan.

AI’s Potential in the Radio/Audio Business

The consensus from IT and cybersecurity experts is that AI makes them better. With an explosion of data and growing infrastructure complexity, AI allows for stronger safeguards and can quickly detect and respond to security threats. It can also help manage user access and protect user identities and information.

But how can AI improve the Radio/Audio business?

What is happening between the songs and information has always been paramount to programmers. This is where there is immense opportunity for improvement in quality and efficiency with AI. With cost-cutting, production departments have become overly taxed and lack personnel. The days of quality spec spots for potential clients are obsolete.

A consistent challenge in organizations is accessible, quality voices. AI and AI voice generators can easily solve this challenge. Using AI to produce more quality spots, imaging, and promos is a production department and programmer’s dream. Having more diverse and unique voices immediately elevates the listener’s experience.

Futuri’s Spot On is an AI-powered system that can transform creative concepts into fully produced spec spots in seconds.

Collaborating with a client to create their spot in real-time can become your sales department’s closing superpower. The era of waiting days for your spec spot has ended. The collaboration with your potential client in real-time to produce their spot will reduce your selling cycle and increase your closing ratio. The best news is that a majority of spots will be on-air quality ready.

AI’s Impact on Sales and Promotions

Sales and promotions departments historically have spent immense amounts of time producing collateral, sales decks, and recaps. With the numerous AI tools available, teams can build and generate on-brand presentations in a fraction of the time.

Sales departments can be transformed by embracing AI. Your revenue-generating teams will improve efficiency throughout their sales process. This will allow your team more focus on the actual selling cycle.

AI platforms have deep analysis of different category verticals, which allows sellers to communicate more intelligently and meaningfully from the onset. AI integration with most CRMs can create higher quality execution within the sales cadence. This will allow for more growth and closing opportunities across the department.

Embracing AI for Success

It’s important that we relinquish the fear and embrace AI. It will help take your organization from good to great, or even better, quickly. Culture has never been more important in the workplace than today.

It’s important that your employees feel they have the tools and support to be successful. A workforce that feels empowered will produce higher quality work. Creating environments for employees to learn, grow and succeed is paramount, and an integral piece of this culture is embracing AI.

As we tune into tomorrow, the integration of AI and human ingenuity will open up a world of unparalleled opportunities. This powerful combination will have a lasting impact across industries for years to come. The future beckons, and those who adopt AI technologies will position themselves at the vanguard of innovation.

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Stephanie Callihan is the Senior Business Development Lead at The Center for Sales Strategy. She is a 35-year veteran of the broadcast industry who spent the bulk of her career with ABC Disney, iHeart, Entercom and CMG.

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