Radio & The 4th of July

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July!! Families and friends EVERYWHERE have been gearing up for this huge summer event! There will be BBQs, picnics, parties, on-site celebrations, trips to the ER… But really, this is something most people look forward to. Radio stations know that. Whether you’re the company who puts on the big downtown fireworks display, or you are the station who posts up outside parks who have their own summer kickoff, you are involved in this holiday in some aspect. With all the setting up and prepping involved, it sometimes gets lost radio has been a part of this holiday forever!

A lot of listeners do stream…we’re not dumb to the fact digital has changed the course of listenership. However, when it comes to the Fourth of July, radio will be a constant at these celebrations.

Why? Local radio knows YOU. They know who you are. They know what you’re into. They know who comes to the shows and remotes. They know where you work. They just know you. With this education in mind, the stations … the GOOD stations…will format a playlist dedicated to your community and to you. It should contain music and stationality that is geared toward the demo.  If the station has done it right, that night they’ll have a soundtrack that goes along with the fireworks.

Sure, streaming can create a party playlist. The difference is, you won’t hear cut-ins from your fave jocks hanging out at various locations in your area. Streaming won’t have traffic updates on this massively busy day. The streaming playlist won’t tell you the spots to avoid when trying to find a place to park for the big downtown display. One thing important for me and my family on a day like this, streaming isn’t going to tell you the places to avoid for safety reasons.

This day is a big opportunity to gain some of those lost listeners back. I know, it’s HECTIC. It’s chaotic. You’d rather be at one of those parties than working. Keep in mind, you are doing an incredible service by being on the air. You are helping friends and family avoid dangerous spots. You are helping your community know where to go for shows and events. You are there to entertain those that ARE working and not able to be with family. You’re there to keep them company and happy, through the power of the airwaves. Through all the craziness of this holiday, just remember why got into radio in the first place, to talk to your community. The Fourth of July, the day radio is used so much more than usual, is the day to show your passion for this industry.

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