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Thanks to you we’ve more than doubled our site traffic here at Radio Update in our second month of existence! Which means we’ll all get our bonuses this month, i.e. we’ll get to split any of the gift cards winners didn’t claim. If you haven’t already, please follow us on social, FB, IG, LinkedIn, X and TikTok. According to our internal data, these are the top ten things you all clicked on this week.

1. Radio Influencers Podcast NEW EPISODE ‘Chris Meadows’ (Management) Created by Andy Meadows

2. NAB Vegas 2024 Highlights (Management) Written by Andy Meadows

3. Video Tips & Tricks NEW EPISODE ‘Have a Plan’ (Digital) Created by John Reynolds

4. What My Dog Taught Me About Programming (Programming) Written by John Lund

5. Content of the Week Winner! (Programming) Written by Andy Meadows

6. Why Listeners Have Stopped Paying Attention… And What to Do About It (Management) Written by Tracy Johnson

7. Ranked: Radio Movies (Management) Written by Jill Meadows

8. Are You Ruining Your Radio Station By Programming to Ratings Methodology? (Programming) Written by Tracy Johnson

9. If You’re Not Doing This You Might as Well Quit (Digital) Written by Brent Hoodenpyle

10. 5 Tips For Improving Your Strategy and Making The Most of Your Online Presence (Digital) Written by Maryanne McWhirter

As always, big thanks to all of our content contributors for all the clickable, shareable content they created this week! If you’d like to create content for Radio Update and get paid for it click here to get more info.

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