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With Mel Gibson releasing a new movie called On the Line where he plays a radio host, that looks about as good as the last couple Mel Gibson movies, we got to thinking about all of the great movies about radio that have been released over the years. Here are a few clips from some of our favorites we discussed internally here at Radio Update. But, we want your opinion. Scroll down and take the poll to tell us the number one radio movie of all time.

Good Morning Vietnam A 1987 film starring Robin Williams as radio funny man Adrian Cronauer who’s sent to Vietnam to cheer up the troops with a little comedy.

Private Parts 1997 biopic about the life and career of the legendary shock-jock Howard Stern starring Stern and co-host Robin Givens portraying themselves and a standout performance from Paul Giamatti as the PD affectionately referred to as ‘Pigvomit’.

Play Misty For Me The 1971 Clint Eastwood film that taught every DJ to be careful agreeing to meet someone who regularly calls into their radio show regardless of how attractive they sound.

Pirate Radio Released in 2009 chronicling a rag-tag group of rock DJs in the mid-60s who broadcast from boats anchored outside of British waters.

Straight Talk 1992 film starring national treasure Dolly Parton as a woman who ditches her rural life in Arkansas to move to Chicago where she lands a job as radio host on a call-in advice show. Soon her common-sense wisdom wins over fans.

The Ladies Man A 2000 feature film expanding on a popular SNL sketch character named Leon Phelps played by Tim Meadows, no relation, who’s fired from his job hosting a late-night love advice show for making too many vulgar and inappropriate comments.

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