Finding Gold in the YouTube Description Box

One of the most neglected pieces of online real estate is the YouTube description box.

Think about it, your audience is glued to the video playing just above it on your YouTube page, so why not leverage it for all it’s worth?

It’s a great place enhance your video’s reach, engagement, and even profitability.

Here are few ways you can use the YouTube description box to your advantage.

  1. Boost Your Video’s Visability

Along with your video title, the words you choose for your video’s description can greatly impact how easily people can find it online.  The description box provides a place to use these keywords make sure it gets found online by your target audience.

Use Keywords Smartly

We covered much of this in a previous article, but in your description you’ll want to include the relevant keywords your viewers might use when searching for your content.

If you’re posting an interview with a musician, include the artist’s name, genre, any songs they perform live and the name of their latest album.

A word of caution – don’t over do this and go crazy putting in every song title or album the artist has ever made.  This is known as “keyword stuffing.”  Google considers this spammy and it may hurt your ranking instead of help it. 

Make the First 100 Words Count

This is a pro tip:

Make sure the most important keywords and a compelling introduction are in the first 100 words of your description.

YouTube and Google prioritize this over other parts of the description for search relevance.  Again, don’t be spammy, but make sure that your most important keyword phrases are at the beginning of the description.

Include Timestamps

If your video covers multiple topics, include time stamps next to key points. This not only makes your video more user-friendly, it also enhances your SEO as Google can index these sections separately.

This Bobby Bones interview with Keith Urban provides a good example of using time stamps, which Google now renders as chapters.

It’s a very cool feature that helps your viewers easily skip to the parts of the interview they really want to see and it’s one they’ll enjoy.

YouTube also lets you know which parts of the video are the most watched.  This is invaluable feedback since you can use this information to plan future videos around these topics. 

  1. Drive Engagement and Conversions

Your video’s description can be a powerful tool to encourage viewers to engage further with your station’s content or promotions.

Call to Action

Always include a call to action. You, of course, want viewers to like, subscribe, and comment, but you can also direct them to check out other videos or even link to the video on other social media sites as part of a contest.

Whatever you want them to do, they’ll never do it if you don’t ask!

Link to Your Content

Provide links to your radio station’s website, social media profiles, or any related content that viewers might find interesting.

This not only increases traffic to your other platforms, but also boosts your cross-platform engagement.

Promote Offers

If you have any promotions, such as merchandise sales or ticket giveaways, mention them in the description.

Make it easy for viewers by including direct links where they can learn more or participate. 

  1. Enhance Viewer Experience

The description can enhance the overall viewing experience by providing additional context or supplementary materials that enrich the content.

Provide a Summary

Write a brief summary of what viewers can expect in the video.

This is especially helpful for longer content, as it lets viewers know if the video contains information they’re interested in.

Include Transcripts

For interviews or detailed discussions, consider including a full or partial transcript in the description.

This is especially helpful for viewers who may prefer reading or need textual references.

Create Timestamps
We covered this in a previous section, but this really is the coolest and most useful enhancement to user experience.  Do this for every video you put out.

  1. Utilize Affiliate Marketing

The thing about monetization is if you don’t do it yourself, it doesn’t get done.

To make money rebroadcasting your content, you’re going to have to get creative.  The description box is a perfect place to include affiliate links or sponsor links.

Affiliate Links

If your video discusses specific products, merch or services, include affiliate links to where these can be purchased.

Sponsor Discount Codes

If you’ve partnered with companies that offer discounts to your viewers, include these codes along with the links. It’s a win-win for both you and your audience.


The description box under your YouTube videos is a powerful tool that you have at your disposal.

Utilize it wisely and you can boost your video’s success, strengthen connections with your audience, and grow your bottom line.

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Brent Hoodenpyle is a Texas-based digital marketing and sales specialist with over twenty years experience working with a wide range of companies to improve their digital stats and revenue.

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