Simple Hacks To Get More YouTube Views

If you read our previous article, If You’re Not Doing This, You Might As Well Quit, you know that when your radio station records interviews with artists, you need to video and syndicate them online to gain more viewers.

Namely, you need to act more like a podcaster.

This is a great way to monetize your already-produced content and gain new listeners both in and out of your area.  After all, fans of that artist you’re interviewing are probably likely to be fans of many of the other artists you play on your station.

But posting your video to all the video hosting sites isn’t enough.  There are things you have to do to make sure the people who are looking for you can find it.  This is called optimization, and it’s the subject of this article.

How to Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Exposure

Here are some easy tips to help your videos get noticed by more people, especially fans searching for their favorite artists online.

  1. Make Your Videos Easy to Find

Think about what fans might type into Google or YouTube when looking for videos about their favorite artists.  These are your keywords. When you use these keywords correctly, you make it easier for people to find your video.

Here are some tips for using keywords to promote your video.

Use the Right Words

Include the artist’s name, song titles, and words like “interview” in your video title and description.

For example, a good title could be “Exclusive Interview with [Artist Name] on Their Latest Hits!”

Or “Artist Performs __________ Live in Studio!”

Howard Stern’s show does a great job with this.  Here’s his YouTube title for a recent Carrie Underwood performance:

Carrie Underwood Covers Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mama, I’m Coming Home” 

This is an example of a magnificent title, because it will be found by people searching for “Carrie Underwood,” “Ozzy Osbourne,” or “Mama, I’m Coming Home.”

Describe Your Video Well
After you’ve chosen the correct keywords, the next step is to write a great description for your video.

In the box YouTube provides you, write a brief summary of what happens in the interview. Mention key topics you discussed with the artist.

You can also post time stamps of when various subjects are discussed.

This isn’t just helpful for viewers; it also helps your video show up in searches.

We’ll go over this more in a future article, but the Video Description box is a highly valuable section that you want to leverage to your advantage.

Tag Your Video
Tags are like labels that help tell YouTube and other platforms what your video is about. Make sure to use tags that include the artist’s name and any other important words related to the video.

  1. Improve Your Video Quality

The bottom line is that if your videos sound good and are enjoyable to watch, they will keep viewers watching longer.

This can also help your videos appear more in searches, as platforms like YouTube favor videos that people engage with.

Invest in Good Equipment

Clear sound and good lighting can make a big difference. You don’t need expensive gear; even some mid-range equipment can boost the quality of your videos significantly.

If you need some tips and ideas, check out John Reynolds’ excellent articles in the video section of this blog.

Add Subtitles

Subtitles can help people who are deaf or hard of hearing enjoy your videos.

Granted, as a general rule, deaf people aren’t big music fans, but if you have interesting guests or do other human interest segments of value, you will get some views from people of all walks of life.

Also, many people just like watching videos with subtitles, or maybe they’re trying to watch covertly without disturbing others around them.

As an added bonus, subtitles can act as additional text for search engines to scan, which might help your video show up in more searches.

Choose a Good Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the clickable, small preview image you see when you scroll through YouTube.

Since it’s the first thing people will see, you’ll want to make it as eye-catching as possible.

Including a photo of the artist being interviewed along with a curiosity-inducing title can be a good way to attract their fans.

  1. Encourage Viewers to Interact with Your Video

When people like, comment on, and share your video, it signals to platforms like YouTube that viewers enjoy your content. This can help your videos appear higher in search results and in the suggestions you see when you’re done watching a video.

Ask Viewers to Interact
At the end of your video, remind viewers to like, comment, and share. Viewer engagement, more than anything, is what makes content go viral.  So ask viewers – especially your already loyal fans – to engage!

Reply to Comments
Granted, not all comments are created equal, but when people do take the time to leave a quality thought, try to respond.

This keeps the conversation going and can make viewers more likely to engage with your future videos.

Share Your Video Everywhere
Don’t just post your video on one site. Share it on all your social media pages, and consider embedding it on your station’s website. The more places your video appears, the more viewers it can attract.

Hopefully, these tips and hacks are very simple and take just a few minutes to complete but can generate monumental results for you station.

Follow them and soon you’ll have a new throng of listeners dialing-in to your programming from all over the world.

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Brent Hoodenpyle is a Texas-based digital marketing and sales specialist with over twenty years experience working with a wide range of companies to improve their digital stats and revenue.

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