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Andy Meadows


The Broadcasters Foundation of America's President Tim McCarthy speaks with Andy Meadows about how the BFOA helps radio and television broadcasters who are in acute need, how current and former broadcasters can apply and qualify, their 3rd annual Giving Day on June 13th and more.
These are the top 9 new songs we're watching this week across radio formats at RSC. Any we left out? Let us know in the comments.
A few recent events reminded me of the massive advantage radio still has, especially over digital-only competitors, when severe weather strikes. Here are a few ways to ensure we maintain that advantage and get the most out of it.
For as long as either of us can remember radio has been doing their remotes essentially the same way. Some signage, a few giveaways and an audio connection to the studio.
Based on your online votes, the Electro-Voice RE20 has been selected as the best overall radio on-air studio mic. Plus, just for participating in the process and casting a vote Will Russell from Eastern Shore Radio has won himself a $100 gift certificate and two free passes to Content Camp 2025 (Valued at $398).
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