Are Your Sales Materials Sending The Right Message?

As we’ve audited stations across the country the past few years it’s surprising how many highly rated stations continue to use sales materials that look like they were created during the first Bush administration. This is a huge mistake that costs stations money every month. With face-to-face meetings harder to schedule as people continue to work more remotely than they did prior to the pandemic, the quality of a station’s sales materials are more important than ever. A great sales rep can often overcome poorly produced presentations during an in-person pitch, but that’s not easy to do via email and zoom.

Experts say that 55% of first impressions are made by what we see visually, while only 38% are made by what we hear and just 7% are based on the actual words said. When we’re trying to convince a company to pay us to market their brand, but we hand them something that doesn’t market our own brand very well, we’re fighting an uphill battle. So, what message do your sales material send? Do they look professional, current and cutting edge or do they look amateur and dated? No matter how good our station sounds, if what we’re presenting looks unprofessional, then many potential new customers will assume that everything else the station does is unprofessional as well.

That’s why every radio group should have a full-time graphic designer on staff to help create sales materials. However, with dwindling budgets that’s not always an option, especially at the local level. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to out-source that work to freelancers using companies like FiverrFreelancer, and Upwork. Although those sites offer a wide-variety of talent levels so it’s important to do a little research before hiring any freelancer for a project. It’s also a good idea for all stations to have a Canva or Creatopy account, which can help virtually anyone create decent looking graphics but, to be clear, it isn’t a substitute for having a graphic designer on staff. Plus, there’s a massive difference in what a graphic designer can produce using one of those services and what an average person can create. That being said, they’re still an affordable tool that’s well worth the money. Especially because they can also help create simple video reels for social and already have presets for commonly used sizes.

At Radio Station Consultant, we also provide graphic design services that we scale and customize to meet a radio group’s specific needs. Whether that’s handling all of their programming, digital, promotions, and sales graphic design or simply supplementing their in-house work with a couple of projects per month or a one-time media kit redesign. Plus, unlike the graphic designers you’ll find on the freelance sites, we speak the radio lingo and we barter.

If you’re interested or you’d like some free initial feedback on your existing sales materials email me at Our friends at Social Cast also have graphic designers in-house that do phenomenal work as part of their services.

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