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In a world where most assume television advertising is easier sold than radio, this news could be both shocking and exciting. Back in 2019, Duncan Stewart, Deloitte’s Director of Research, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, predicted AM/FM audiences would be larger than TV audiences for the 18-34 demographic by 2025. Fast forward to this year, Nielsen reported radio’s total audience overtook television’s audience for the first time in history.

Audacy recently published a study in which they shared three experiments to prove the impact radio advertising has.

First, let’s take a look at some numbers. Almost 50% of people in the polled markets watch little to no TV each week. This, clearly, makes advertising on TV almost impossible to reach the audience it addresses. With the rise in ad costs, it seems businesses are spending more to reach less.

This is a prime time to convince clients to switch their advertising dollars in media to concentrate on radio. According to Audacy, “radio reaches 84% of no and low-TV viewers ages 25-54.” Audio, also, holds twice the attention TV ads receive. When selling, this is a no-brainer. Wouldn’t you want more bang for your buck? The attention span with TV is low. Some could say the same goes with radio…however, when watching TV it’s easy to switch the channel. When driving, usually, you let the station go on so you can concentrate on the road.

Nielsen has a media planning tool you can use to show the impact of moving dollars between media platforms called the LMI (Local Media Impact.) By utilizing this, you can show your client why radio is more impactful than TV.

Back to the original point of all this…Audacy did do a study with three different advertisers and this is what they found:

–Pest Control Company

* Increased reach by 27% with radio

* Originally they spent about $42,000 per quarter on 3 different TV stations and reached 38% of homeowners.

* With a 20% shift from TV to add 2 radio stations, they increased their reach 49%.

–Car Dealer

* Normally buys two TV stations, spending about $84,000 per quarter.

* Shifted 20% to add 2 radio stations increased their reach by 26%.

* After adding radio, they can increase their reach from 47% – 60%.

–Flooring Company

* Bought 11 TV stations totalling $285,000 and reached 41.6%

* By shifting 20% to radio it would add only 2%. However, together with TV, it would deliver a 38% higher reach.

* 310,000 more adults would be reached by adding in radio

The results show the fact that adding radio is crucial to get more reach for their dollars. The tools and research are out there. Utilize all you can to prove to your clients radio advertising will increase exposure.

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