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Radio has always excelled at content marketing, and it can harness radio’s digital advantages. Digital media includes social media… and its revenue share continues to grow.

Radio does digital better than other traditional media, though under a different name: Content Marketing. This is traditional radio’s path into the digital age.  The essence of content marketing—good storytelling and engagement—makes radio radio.

It can be a contest sponsored by an advertiser, your DJ touting Joe’s Bar-B-Q in his afternoon show, news sponsored by a local Ford dealer, “the friendliest car salesman in town,” and the weather sponsored by a client.

The radio station teams up with the advertiser to provide content around what that advertiser sells. This is total localness—local personalities and businesses in local storytelling—to which listeners can relate.

The next step is for radio to integrate digital into its content marketing strategies. It’s a natural fit and holds great promise for boosting revenues, tapping into the billions of dollars local businesses invest in digital.

With over two-thirds of local ad dollars flowing to digital, how can local radio stations integrate digital into their content marketing strategies?

>   Offer a full range of web-related services, from website building to SEO.

>   Partner with local businesses to boost their organic search rankings by helping them add original content to their websites to drive sales.

>   Provide articles, blog posts, podcasts, and human-interest stories for posting on the business’s site.

>   Comedic DJs create funny videos businesses use to attract web traffic and send out via social media.

>   Weather and sports reporters host videos on the business’s site.

>   DJs host an event at the business celebrating its anniversary, handing out door prizes.  A video of the event is posted on the business’s site.  The station then promotes these events on-air and in its news segments.

>   Offer clients a course on copywriting and how to write a story.

>   Offer expertise in developing an email database to gather info and focus their marketing efforts.

>   Provide talents to make testimonials for their business.

>   Organize events for businesses to have the opportunity to meet customers one to one.

>   Stage events, concerts, and fairs with clients ideal for the target audience – like a Christmas Fair, Health and Fitness Fair, Local Beer and Bar-B-Q Event, Baby Fair, Great Garage Sales, Finance and Career Fair, Pet Fair, Pet Adoption Event, and Women’s Fair.

>   Bring businesses with local charity organizations to create a fund-raising event for the charity.

And radio is the perfect medium to offer these services, working as it does with many small local businesses.

Think of Content Marketing as sponsored content.

More examples:

+   A veterinarian client does a feature about animal wellness sponsored by a pet food store.

+   A daredevil performs an amazing stunt, and the video goes viral, attracting millions of views. A local gym sponsors the stunt.

+   Invite kids to submit ideas for new toys they’d like to play with this Christmas. Winners get those toys, and a video of the toys goes viral.

+   Compile a recipe book from local restaurants.

+   Have a website blog written by health professionals or the Mayo Clinic (sold to the local hospital).

+   Honor a local teacher on the air and the website.

+   Honor police, fire, and first responders.

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John Lund is President of the Lund Media Group, a radio programming, broadcast consulting, and research firm with specials in all mainstream radio formats.  What Content Marketing works for your station?  Leave a comment below or email

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