Top 5 Reasons You Should Be a Radio Account Executive

Judging by the amount of times you hear commercials on radio stations advertising for account executive positions, you might think that it’s only a job for suckers.


After all, how good of a gig can it be if the company doing the hiring ALWAYS has the Help Wanted sign out?


Honestly, it’s a fair question to ask and one that deserves an answer.


Admittedly, the account executive position at a local radio station is not a job for the faint of heart.


If you’re a wall flower or a shy violet, who’d rather cozy up in your cubicle with a cup of herbal tea and a whole stack of data to input in a computer while you wait for your next Zoom meeting, this probably isn’t the gig for you.


On the other hand, if you’re an ambitious, hard-working, outgoing person, who wants to hit bonuses, rack up commissions, and not be tied down to a desk, you just might have found your dream job.


If you’re the second person described above, here are the top five reasons why YOU should definitely be a radio account executive.


1) The Fun


If you love music, people, parties, and incentive trips, then this job just might the perfect fit for you.


There is ALWAYS something going on in radio, and as an account executive, you get paid to be a part of it!  In fact, you’ll learn to leverage these events to schmooze, bring on new clients, and help them see that they’re getting their money’s worth when they sponsor your station.


It’s true – there are a lot of fun jobs out there, but not all of them pay very well.  As a radio account executive, you can definitely have the best of both worlds!



2) The Freedom


This one goes hand in hand with the fun, but a radio account executive position provides you with a freedom that you won’t get in any other job.


There’s no desk that you’re tied to.  No windowless cubicle that you can’t leave.  No clock that you have to punch.  No overbearing paperwork you have to fill out to justify your existence.


As an account executive, you’re out in the world all day, every day, meeting people, building connections, and closing deals.


Sure, you’ll have a sales manager to report to and the occasional sales meeting, but, trust us on this, they don’t want to see you in the office!


If you want to feel like you’re running your own business while having the support of a major company backing you, you’ll get that as an account executive.


Yes, you’ll have to show up and put in the hours, but there’s not a strict time clock you’re tied to.  As long as you prospect, sell, and close deals, you’ll enjoy a job with a freedom like you’ve never had before.


3) The Personal Growth


Some will sleep on this, but the best benefit you’ll get from this job is not the money you’ll make, but the person you’ll become in order to succeed. (Credit to the late Jim Rohn for that thought.)


Here’s why.


To succeed as a radio account executive, you’ll have to get really good at setting and pursuing goals, at disciplining yourself, at managing your time, at talking to people, at handling rejection, at being consistent, and at taking care of yourself so that you’re always functioning at your highest level.


Over time, you’ll also have to get really good at mastering the art of persuasion and of applying your skills on a consistent, persistent basis.  As a result, you’ll care less about what others think and more about what you think of yourself.


If you choose to make a career of this profession for the next 30 years, these skills will take you to the top.  If you decide to pursue something different after a time, these skills will go with you and help you become a success there, too.


Either way, the job of radio account executive gives you a great way to provide for yourself and your family, and to grow as a person.  Don’t waste this opportunity.  Instead, embrace it and create a future that you will love and others will envy.


That’s it for now.


Tune in next time, for the final two reasons – and one bonus reason – why you should be a radio account executive.


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Brent Hoodenpyle is a Texas-based digital marketing and sales specialist with over twenty years experience working with a wide range of companies to improve their digital stats and revenue.

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