More Fast Money Tips For New Radio Account Executives

If you’re a new radio account executive, congratulations!  You’ve just started one of the funnest and most rewarding careers you can have.

Things might be lean now, but once you build up your portfolio of businesses who are reaping the benefits of advertising on your station, you’ll have an income source that will provide a steady stream of income for you and your family for years to come!

A word or caution, though.

This doesn’t happen immediately, and it’s the beginning years, (the lean ones) that stop many good sales people in their tracks and end great sales careers before they’ve even had a chance to take root and grow.

Fortunately, there are prospecting and sales strategies you can implement right now to get money flowing in and put you on the track to long term success in the mass media industry.

In a previous post, we outlined the Warm Market Method that helps you hone your sales skills, build your network, and land a new account or two while you’re still new.

In this post, we’re going to unveil a great plan of action that will help you make it through the growth phase long enough to reap the harvest of all your hard work.

Let’s get started!

The Abandoned Leads Strategy

Right now there are “dead” leads at your station that are just waiting to be brought back to life.

These leads fall into two categories:

1) Orphans
The “orphans” are leads that were handled by a previous ad executive who’s no longer with the station.  These businesses have purchased on-air advertising before – and maybe even liked the experience, but once their executive left, no one ever reached out to them or nurtured them again to bring them back.

It’s worth talking to your sales manager to get a comprehensive list of all the past advertisers.  Even if other people have reached out to them in the past, you can add them to your list for a follow up.

How to Connect with Orphaned Advertisers

Call, or better yet, stop-in to the business, introduce yourself to the owner or the manager, and say,

I just stopped in to introduce myself.  I know you were working with (Previous Ad Exec) before and I just wanted to make sure that when he left we didn’t abandon you and let you slip through the cracks.

Most of the time, they’ll appreciate you for the follow up and – more importantly – they’ll often give you the real reason they stopped advertising.

Don’t try to sell them on this visit.  Instead, just collect information, file it away, and then develop a strategy for how you can approach them again in a way that addresses all their previous concerns and objections.

These businesses are GREAT leads because, if they’ve advertised on-air before, they’ll most likely be open to doing it again.

2) Give Ups

If you’ve been around sales for any time, you’ve seen or heard the statistic that says that you have to follow up with a prospect anywhere from 5 to 13 times in order to make a sale.

The problem is that most salespeople – even if they have an interested prospect – will give up way too soon.

Again, talk to your sales manager and see if there’s a way to find a list of those prospects who expressed interest, but were never closed.  I guarantee you, he’ll probably be able to think of a handful right off the top of his head.

Then, just like with the orphans, use the same script of introducing yourself and telling the business owner that you just wanted make sure that your predecessor didn’t drop the ball and see what you could do to help them.

Again, just use the first visit to make the acquaintance and warm up the lead, then brainstorm ways you can get them to come on board as advertisers.

Don’t Overlook These Strategies

One word of advice, don’t sleep on these strategies.  They may seem simple, they may seem like they’ve been done before, others in the company may tell you that they tried this and it “didn’t work.”

Don’t be like the others.  Roll up your sleeves, build your list, then go out and start making your introductions.

Between your warm market and working these abandoned leads, you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy and generate sales that will start your new career off on the right foot.

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Brent Hoodenpyle is a Texas-based digital marketing and sales specialist with over twenty years experience working with a wide range of companies to improve their digital stats and revenue.

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