Social Media is Meant to be Fun!

As a programmer, I’m sure you’ve felt the pressure to tell your staff to post more on social media. Maybe they’ve even given you a certain amount that NEEDS to be posted.
The problem with the set number of posts is the talent may feel a necessity TO post, which then prompts them to post something that’s not relevant.

Instead of telling your staff to “post X amount every day,” let them know it’s IDEAL to post a few per show, but make sure the post makes sense. If you’re barking orders about social media posts, that’s going to do the opposite of what you’d like the outcome to be.  It won’t be engaging and may seem stale.

Direct them to take a moment from the show that hour that was engaging, and create a Tik Tok about it. Offer insight into behind-the-scenes moments you can turn into content. Have a meeting where you and the staff bounce suggestions off each other for engaging social media ideas. Turn the discussion into THEM talking about how easy it would be to post once an hour during their show. Divert the attention away from you giving them a content goal, and allow them to share ideas on how to make this simple. Social media is meant to be fun! Listeners can tell when it’s forced. Work with your staff to produce creative and engaging content. They’ll appreciate the help, and so will your audience. 

But why is it so important to post on social media? Listenership time is lower than what it was ten years ago. We listen to the radio in the car and maybe at work. Think about how much you scroll. I know I’ve come across new stations just by seeing them on Instagram or Tik Tok. Your staff is talented in engaging with people…that’s why they’re in radio! Utilize that into other platforms. Areas where you could grab new listeners. More people scroll than listen. Use this to your advantage.

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