Using Social Media to your Advantage

Social media can be both a burden and a blessing. As a morning on-air talent, I was constantly “hounded” to post once an hour on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. That just seems like a lot, right? If you’re on air from 6-10a… that’s 12 posts! How are we supposed to come up that many every day! So of course, at the time, I viewed it as a chore. In actuality, it was to my benefit.

When used correctly, social media can be can be lucrative for every department in the building: sales, programming, and on-air. But how?

One way is to promote your show. Taking “BTS” video of you and your co-host discussing possible on-air topics seems boring to you….but to the listener, it shows YOU being YOU. They feel closer to you and, in turn, will more likely keep listening. The more solid a relationship the listener feels they have with you, the more they’ll want to know and hear from you. Take that video you just filmed and plug it into all your social media accounts…this way you’re only coming up with ONE post an hour, but updating all media.

You can also use it to promote contests! Incorporate your social media into the contest. “In three minutes, we’ll give the first clue on facebook, right after Carrie Underwood.” Let’s face it, people scroll facebook constantly. Why not use that to your advantage? You can do the same with Tik Tok, “Right after Rema, check our Tik Tok for Lucy charading the next clue to get tickets!” This is a lot of fun for everyone involved!

You can, also, use it to find out what your listeners are interested in! By doing polls, you’re doing research to better your on-air content. You’re also giving the sales department ideas on what businesses to visit for possible commercials or giveaways. The more we can partner with sales and help them out, the better our content can and will be.

Social media doesn’t have to be all Vanderpump updates, what celebrities wore to the Oscars, and news. It can be interactive. It SHOULD be interactive. Don’t look at it like “just another thing to do every day.” Look at it like “oh man what can I do today? It’s nice out…maybe I’ll take a video outside our studios showing where we are!” Have fun with it! This is what Facebook, Tik Tok, IG….all of it was created for! Interacting with people and making life a little less serious! Sure, that’s on there too…but you don’t have to have that on YOURS. Make your media the place people go to have a break from it all. The more you treat it as a plus, the better the content will be.

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