Summer Promotions! Better Late than Never

It’s never too early to plan summer promotions. In fact, planning in February for the summer is spot on. It’s June, and if you have ZERO ideas in the tank, you are beyond late. However, the season is not a lost cause. There are still some events you can make happen, even if you’re cutting it this close.

Summer promotions don’t have to be HUGE events! Sure, it’s ideal to have something big planned…but that usually takes up a lot of your budget. What about the rest of the summer? Are you able to do anything else? This may be a blessing in disguise for you. If you have a budget and don’t have anything set yet, you might be able to create little events throughout the entire summer!

For instance, popsicles. Super cheap. Everyone loves them. If you know of a huge tournament: golf, baseball, soccer…, be there! Bring popsicles! Set up a tent and have the promotions team passing out the delicious frozen treat on that hot summer day! It doesn’t even need to be a business….stop by a fire station with the goodies. Surprise some police officers. You can make this a promotion on air… “Will you be the next friend we surprise with a frozen treat to become our newest Frozen Friend?!” Take pics every time you treat someone and have a section of the website dedicated to your Frozen Friends!

Do Fan Giveaways for your biggest fans! These could be box fans, industrial fans, rotating fans, hand-held fans…the winner never knows what kind of fan they’ll get!

Take a peak at the summer National Holidays calendar. Some of them are pretty off the wall, like July 8th is Video Game Day. Rent an inflatable screen and set up a video game…have people stop by for tournaments. Each player gets maybe 15 minutes to play and they have to switch. They can enter to win a new gaming system. July 31st is Uncommon Musical Instrument Day. Team up with a music shop and the person with the weirdest musical instrument that actually WORKS wins a GC or instrument. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Team up with a local pool and have movie night. Rent a projector and play something like Jaws, Baywatch or even Beach Blanket Bingo while everyone floats on an innertube or raft and watches the flick. This might be a good thing to make adults only since it’s at night and you’d want people to actually watch the movie and not mess with each other in the pool.

Even though it’s late in the game, there’s still a small amount of time to get these planned. Better late than never!

Photo courtesy of kstudio and FreePik.

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