Fresh Spring Promotion Ideas

In my opinion, Spring is the best season for radio promotions. We are finally over the holiday hangover, winter has broken for most of the Midwest, and people are ready for some excitement! There are lots of opportunities to develop fun, interactive promos and remotes so let’s dive in!

First off, we have baseball! Even if you aren’t close to a major city, you can still do ticket giveaways and overnight stays. I’ve seen stations do Stadium Trivia where they have to answer questions about the stadium: When was it built, who played the first game, what was the most scored game…things like that. This could be a month long or week long game. Every morning, if they answer the trivia question correctly, they are in the running for tickets and an over night stay. SUPER easy and fun! Have the giveaway at a sportsbar airing a game at the stadium the ticket giveaway is for.

Next, Mother’s Day! This is a HUGE hit for any station! First, you need to know your demo. Sure, they are women…but what are they interested in? A mom who listens to country might be very different from a mom who listens to Hip Hop. Create a promotion around that specific type of female. You want the prize to be something that would cater to your audience. Again, this could be a month long promo. Have the listener write in with a heart warming story about their mother. Why are they special? What makes them deserving of this prize? They can even call in and tell you on air. Record every convo and air the winner when you give away the prize.

I don’t know about you, but once Spring hits, we start ALL the home projects. We currently have a list on our whiteboard to remind us what we plan to accomplish this spring. That being said, renovation gift cards, home improvement and hardware store gift cards, a deck makeover, anything that can help with these lists would be incredibly easy to give away. Listeners can send in pics of what they are working on and explain why it’s been a pain in the butt to do. Create a section of the station website dedicated to this. Post all the pics that have been sent in. Have listeners vote on who should get the gift cards or renovation. Super interactive.

These are only a few ideas you can run with. Get creative! Work with your sales department on what they can offer and which clients would be interested. Offer to go on sales meetings for these promotions. When a business owner actually speaks with the on-air talent face to face, they get excited about the promotions being discussed. Don’t sleep on the allure of the on-air talent. They are gold when it comes to selling promotions. Work as a team and get those promotions going!

Spring has already sprung (anyone else as tired of that saying as I am) so get cracking. These can be easy to sell, but everyone (sales, management, promotions, on- air talent) has to work together to make it a success.

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