Ranked: Studio Microphones

Beginning April 1st we’ll kick off a new series called ‘Ranked’ where we talk to industry experts and get their feedback on the top radio equipment, automation systems, music schedulers, traffic schedulers, CRMs and more to help determine the overall best in each category. We’ll start off with a topic everyone who’s ever worked behind a console has an opinion on, the best studio mic. Our experts will consider performance, durability, look and price. Once they’ve narrowed it down to just two, we’ll throw it back to our Radio Update readers to break the tie. But, first we’d like to hear your suggestions on the best overall studio microphone using the same criteria. To clarify, we’re talking microphones for radio on-air studios. There’s four ways to weigh in, fill out the form, comment or record your vote below. You can also use your phone to shoot a quick video and email it to us at submissions@radioupdate.com with the subject ‘Ranked Vote’. Anyone who participates in any way will automatically be entered for their chance to win a prize worth $250. April winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Pic designed by DCStudio for Envato Elements.

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