Memorial Day Post Mess-Ups

This should be Radio 101, but, apparently, we need to go over it again. Please, know your holidays and make sure that your posts are accurate for that particular holiday.

Over the weekend, I saw many “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!” posts. If you are asking what’s wrong with this, you, clearly, don’t understand the holiday. We are honoring those who fought for us and lost their lives in doing so. The ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. This might be a stretch, but would you say, “Happy funeral”? Yea it’s harsh, but accurate. This particular holiday doesn’t need to be somber, but it needs to be respectful. There are families and friends out there who lost someone they love in battle, this type of post needs to be honorable. The same goes for stationality…when creating liners you need to remember what this particular day is about. It’s not for the mattress sales and grilling out with friends. It’s about remembering those who gave their lives for us. Yes, you can include the grilling in sweepers but maybe say something to the effect of “While you’re grilling your famous burgers for the entire family…remember why we have this day to do so….” Something like that.

Also, Memorial Day is about remembering those who lost their lives in battle. VETERANS DAY is about all who served. There were SO MANY posts saying “remembering all who served.” That’s not Memorial Day. Please, know what holiday you are creating social media posts for. These are two separate holidays and when you make a mistake like this, someone could get really offended. Someone who is personally affected by the holiday can become very upset when you aren’t, again, showing respect for the day.

This is why we need editors to check posts. Management, for important holidays like Memorial Day it might be a good idea for your staff to create a post and then have you check it before it’s posted. If mistakes like these are happening within your staff, it’s time to micro-manage just a bit. You may be thinking “it’s just social media. Mistakes happen.” So does the cancel culture coming straight for you. What’s online lives forever.

Be completely educated on what you post and take into consideration everyone who may see your posts. The same rules apply on air. Be prepared. Know how you’re going to tackle a holiday before you even think about cracking the mic.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to review what you post and what you plan on saying. It’s easy to forget how many people are listening when you’re in a room alone, or with another person, and it’s just you talking. What you say and post means something. Be aware. Be responsible. And double check what you’re putting out there.


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