Make Social Media Work for YOU, and Not the Other Way Around

Optimizing your social media to work for you can not only garner more listeners, but it can boost revenue as well.

When you utilize Facebook, Tik Tok, Snap Chat, Instagram to their full capabilities, it’s possible to expand your listenership quite a bit. Think of how many radio station posts have come up on your feed and you think “I don’t even know who this is…” those are boosted posts. If they’re engaging, you may comment, which will cause more of their posts to appear. If you really like what the post contained, you may even click “follow” on their FB page. So, how do you post engaging content?

  • Mention someone’s name. I’ve discussed how Birthday Roll Call should have probably retired when the last episode of Full House aired….this is an alternative to that. Listeners can still submit their birthday online, you can randomly choose a birthday for the day and post it on your social media. If they call in, they get their morning show birthday present!
  • Post clips of your show. Take a snippet of some of your best stuff that morning and turn it into “the best of” and post that on your socials. You can, also, use this to promote your show throughout the day on air.
  • Turn something funny you said or did on air into a meme! There are lots of free apps online that can generate a meme for you. These are easy ones you can try to make viral.
  • Turn one of your bits into a blog or FB post…spreading your content across your socials may grab someone who doesn’t necessarily listen to your station at the moment, but could entice them to tune in one day.
  • Use the targeted ads! Meta has a plethora of tools to cast a wide net over a group that could turn into listeners. Here you can plug in age, sex, interests….the list goes on. This is the same with boosted posts. I urge you to get in there and mess around with everything offered. Yea it gets a little confusing, so taking a class on it may be beneficial. There’s lots of tutorials out there as well.
  • Take something local that’s happening and post the story, get listener’s perspective on it. This is staying local and involved.
  • Create a posting calendar. We have targeted listening times, you can also have targeted times for posts.

Don’t forget to share these across all your socials. Take a snippet of your show and post it on Tik Tok. Make behind the scenes Tik Toks, or do a little discussion on one of your bits from the morning on Tik Tok. You can share that video across the socials as well.  Have fun with this! It’s social media…it’s meant to be entertaining and creative.


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