AMA With Broadcast Engineer Chris Meadows

We’re starting another new interactive series here at Radio Update this month. It’s a once per month Ask Me Anything style series where we allow our readers to ask an industry professional literally anything. Because many of the questions I’ve been getting lately as a consultant are engineering-related, I thought it would make sense to ask a twenty year broadcasting engineer to host our first episode. Luckily, I know a few including my little brother Chris Meadows who I once saved from drowning when we were kids (not how he remembers it), so he owes me. To ask your question either use the form below, record it using the Speakpipe widget or leave it in the comments. Chris has graciously committed to answer literally EVERY question that comes in between now and the end of the month in an upcoming video, except for any spam questions that slip through the filter or any he’s smart enough to realize is me doing a bit that only I will find funny.

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