Knowing Your Audience is The Key to Sales Driven Promotions

When creating a promotion, it is KEY to know your audience! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard a station giving away something that didn’t make sense for the listener. This is, likely, due to a sales rep pushing the giveaway to appease the client. These promos have to cater to your audience…or you’re going to lose their interest very quickly. In today’s age of having everything you want at your fingertips, it’s easy for someone to say “this doesn’t matter to me, NEXT” and move onto a different station. It’s imperative you know your audience. So how do you do that?

I’ve mentioned before, doing silly polls on Facebook is a great opportunity to get to know who’s listening. People LOVE participating in anything interactive on social media. The poll could be something as simple as “Beach House or Log Cabin…which do you choose for your next vaca?” That will show you what kind of dream getaway they’re into. Or “Pick a Restaurant” and give them four different options. Now you know what kind of gift card to get for the next giveaway. You don’t have to get intensely creative with these.

Now, who’s listening more, men or women? Researching this is simple, by looking at the cume and time spent listening within your ratings. You can also see the age range and, again, time spent listening. Is it the office worker,  the person getting ready for school in the morning, or someone heading to bed for the night? All these trends are valuable in picking the perfect promotion that will entice YOUR listener.

The execution is just as important. Stop doing the “caller number 9 right now…” giveaway. This is played out and we are not in the ‘90s anymore. THIS is where you need to get intensely creative. And THIS is where all that research on your listener comes into play. Are they listening in the morning? Are they listening at work more often? Is the drive home more adequate to run a promo? Is it a busy mom? Is it the guy working construction? From here…the pieces will fall into play.

  1. Figure out your listener type
  2. Pin-point the perfect time slot
  3. What do they WANT that they aren’t getting in their own life?
  4. Pitch to sales at least a month before your planned promotion date

Number 3 is really important. With inflation, we are more often than not, buying the bare minimum and forgetting ourselves. What does your listener want? Has she been pampered lately? Has he had a guys night at the driving range with some buddies and drinks? Have they had a date night in the past month? Have they gone clothes shopping for themselves? This makes it really easy to come up with something that’s necessary and simple for sales to sell.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to promotions. Get to know your listener. Become friends with them. Truly figure out what they would love to win. It’s simple and it can be really rewarding.

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