When Radio Gets Too Personal

When do you know you’re getting TOO personal on air?

We are, usually, taught to be open on air and let the listener into our lives. This allows us to develop a relationship with the audience to let them know, “Hey! we’re pals! Let’s hang out at our next outing or remote!” They become part of your show and it makes the listener WANT to tune back in to find out what happened on your date or with that crazy soccer game your kid had.
During the beginning of my career, my dating life was the topic of conversation for our morning show. I didn’t mind…it was funny and I was very open. But now that I’m a wife and mother of two, I closed off a little of that part of my life. Sure, I talked about the boys’ first day of school, crazy schedules, trying to balance work and home life…but there are some things I kept private.
How do you know when it’s too much for you to share on air? The beauty of having a relationship with your listener is they are there for YOU, no matter how much you share. They only know what you’ve already told them. If there’s something personal you’re going through you’d rather not share…you don’t have to! Don’t ever let a Program Director push you to talk about something on air “because it would be good for ratings.” We are humans with lives and stories that affect other humans involved in those stories…if it’s not respectful of the others inside that experience, you don’t have to share.
I spoke on air about my struggle to get pregnant and it was monumental in letting other women who were going through, or had gone through, the same thing, know they aren’t alone. I was comfortable in that. I valued the messages sent to me and calls thanking me for being so open. However, when it came to the adoption story of my son, I closed that off. I didn’t speak a word of it on air, to protect him and our family.
There is a balance, and one you should really think about…what do YOU want to relate to others..how do YOU want to convey what you are dealing with or what’s happening in your life. The main focus is making sure you are comfortable in what’s talked about on-air.
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