How Listening To The Radio Can Benefit Pets

Radio is not just for humans! Did you know leaving the radio on for your furry family member can soothe them in stressful situations? We’ve seen studies on how music can affect the human brain, but what does it do to an animal brain?

Dr. Susan Wagner literally wrote the book on it, “Through a Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health and Behavior of Your Canine Companion.”  She found everyday noises really affects pet behavior… this includes things in the house and outside. RADIO can help with this! Leaving the radio on during the day keeps your dog or cat comforted, and masks the outside noises that may be causing anxiety.

Board certified veterinary neurologist, Dr. Susan Wagner, found classical music was the best music to reduce anxiety. Pop music is also great for this! However, the study revealed solo piano was most effective when trying to get the dog to lie down. Dr. Lori Kogan from Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine did a study on 117 dogs using classical, heavy metal, and specifically designed music. She, also, found when listening to classical, the dogs spent more time sleeping than any other music. Soft rock and reggae had similar results, leading to more relaxed behaviors.

With this we find radio, specifically Jazz stations and adult CHR, can help reduce anxiety and stress in those fur babies we love so much.

  • Make sure you keep the volume low, or moderate.
  • Introduce the station early, as soon as they become part of your family.
  • Don’t play the music ONLY when you’re gone. Play the radio while you’re home so they don’t associate it with loneliness.
  • Play around with different stations. Just because those studies showed classical and pop were the ones that triggered relaxation, that doesn’t mean that will work for YOUR dog. Every dog is different. Mine liked country so we had the country station on all day for him.

Why is this important to know? Dogs don’t receive diaries so why would we care if pets listen to the radio? Well, the OWNERS receive those diaries. When they get them in the mail, they will immediately think about the station that’s on all day. These can turn into ratings. We need to think about every aspect of a listener’s life and figure out how to incorporate that into OUR radio, which can then turn into ratings, which means more revenue. Sales can use this information when pitching to animal shops or vets. “Hey, I just found out, blah blah blah.” Again, there are many characteristics of a listener’s life we can use to our advantage.


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