Production Workload Heating Up? Here’s How To Keep Cool

Ah, the sweet scent of spring fills the studio, and summer is on the horizon. With the changing seasons come more promotions, giveaways, and special events – and yes, you guessed it – more promos, loads more promos and commercials!

But fear not, fellow creators, an increase in production work doesn’t have to mean a surge in stress levels. We’ve tapped into the expertise of the high-performance producers from our GrooveTools imaging library to discover their secrets for managing hefty workloads during the busiest times.

Here are producer Bryan Apple’s top three tips for keeping his cool when seasonal workloads start heating up!

1. Prioritize and Plan

Picture this: a cluttered studio, a flurry of emails, and looming deadlines. Where do you begin? Bryan suggests starting with prioritization. “Identify those pivotal tasks – whether it’s meeting client deadlines, prepping for live events, or crafting time-sensitive promotional content. Once you’ve pinpointed these items, carve out dedicated time blocks in your schedule to tackle them head-on. This proactive approach not only wards off last-minute scrambles but also ensures your output gleams with quality” he advises. Further, he says, don’t forget the power of project management software, “It’s your trusty sidekick for tracking deadlines and fostering collaborations.”

2. Leverage Technology

Technology – the lifesaving hero of our digital age! When the going gets tough, Bryan swears by mastering audio editing software, “Get cozy with those keyboard shortcuts, embrace batch processing, and behold the magic of preset effects. These tools aren’t just time-savers – they’re your ticket to maintaining a gold standard of production quality.” So go ahead, let technology be your guiding light through the darkness of deadlines and deliverables.

3. Communicate and Delegate

In the studio as in life, effective communication reigns supreme. “Keep those lines open with your team and clients – update them on project statuses and looming deadlines. If you’re part of a dynamic team, don’t hesitate to spread the workload. Delegation isn’t just about lightening your own load – it’s about empowering your team members and fostering a culture of collaboration,” Bryan advised. Remember, clear communication and strategic delegation are the secret ingredients to a seamless workflow.

4. Bonus Tip: Save Your Sessions!

Remember the golden rule of production – save, save, save! Even the tiniest voice-over or sponsor tag deserves a safe haven. You’ll thank your lucky stars when a client or programmer swoops in with “one small change” – no need to start from scratch or import new audio. He reminds us, “It’s the little things that save us precious time in the long run.”

So there you have it, Bryan’s blueprint for conquering seasonal workloads with finesse and flair. As you embark on your spring and summer of fun and production, remember: prioritize, embrace technology, communicate, delegate, and always, always save your sessions. Here’s to a season of productivity, so you can enjoy stress-free days and well-deserved success!

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Dave Marsh is the CEO of Splat! Media.

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