New Artist to Watch: Slow Joy

Photo from Slow Joy Instagram

Esteban Flores is bringing back 90s grunge mixed with a little emo, and people of that generation are loving it. What’s incredibly authentic about Flores’ music is its raw emotions within the lyrics. This very open writing can be rare coming from male artists.

Years back, in his 20s, Flores was guided by a therapist to use music as a tool to process grief after his mother passed away. Using his talent and emo band background, Slow Joy was invented.  Slow Joy is, mostly, a solo project. Esteban has stated some friends will jump in and play, but it’s usually just him. Slow Joy’s debut “Crawling,” which has over a million listens on Spotify, is airy, deep and haunting, with a hint of Deftones. Pouring his heart out into the lyrics, Esteban tells of his moments with grief.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Knowing how new artists have been finding success on social media, such as Tik Tok, Slow Joy uploaded snippets of their latest track, “Pulling Teeth.” Hoping it might get traction, he never imagined it would go as viral as it has. Garnering over a million views in a few weeks, comments such as “This makes me feel 14 again in the best possible way,” and “I just ran to your Spotify and accidentally listened to basically your entire discography, I NEED THIS,” litter the videos. Flores mentions in a few uploads this song was written to his wife for staying with him while he battles mental health issues. This resonates with many people these days and that could be a huge reason for the success. Most of Slow Joy’s songs are from deep in the heart and you can feel it come across.

As for Esteban… it seems he’s enjoying life these days. Living in Dallas with his wife and dog, he’s diving head-first into the chaos that’s about to erupt from the viral fun of his latest track. You can find Slow Joy on Spotify, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.

Photo from Slow Joy Instagram

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