Live On-Air Talent vs RadioGPT

One of the main concerns among broadcasters and on-air talent is the rise of the AI “DJ” and RadioGPT. Some General Managers will look at this as a cost cutting tool and incorporate this trend. However, is it really cost cutting?

In a survey done by, it was found listeners prefer shows with engaging hosts vs a stale, fact giving person. With that being said, if an AI is chosen over a local talent, the station could suffer. Listeners will notice the difference in someone not knowing the local area and not being able to interact with the audience. Let’s face it, you can hear music anywhere now….Spotify, Pandora, Apple music…it’s up to the on-air talent to keep the listener’s attention and dedicated to listening to your station. What makes you different that’s going to garner a devoted audience?

In monetary terms, if you lose audience due to a “cost cutting effort” of incorporating AI and RadioGPT in place of live talent, you lose numbers. Numbers translate to sales which translates to budget.

Now, I’m not saying RadioGPT and AI are the worst and you must steer clear altogether. They can, actually, be beneficial in other areas. When writing scripts, how many times have you been stuck on another name for a particular word? Or when writing stationality, it’s very useful to use RadioGPT to help with creative ideas. These can work in our favor, it’s just how we use them.

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