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Whether your station is music, news-talk, sports, or a unique combination, the Lund Goal is to help stations in three ways:

  1. Get more listeners (add to the Cume)
  2. Keep them listening longer (expand Time Spent Listening) and
  3. Increase revenue.

One way Lund Media helps client stations achieve this mutual agenda is to familiarize station management with the Laws of Programming. These basics include the steps necessary to increase each station’s listening audience.

  1. Gain new Cume trial through external advertising. Lock in visual advertising through outdoor, TV, and email marketing. Target the best outdoor locations and top TV shows for your demos. Utilize Facebook and Twitter also to stimulate tune-in.
  1. Keep the positioning statement simple and memorable. Your slogan should be unique, credible, and beneficial, and it should be constantly promoted on the air and elsewhere.
  1. Make the station appear visible and locally involved where the audience and potential audience frequent. Plan “street” promotions that give the station top-of-mind awareness in the market. Recruit interns and part-time personnel. Park your van on busy streets and overpasses.  
  1. Create promotions that attract listeners. Promote them on-air and via emails to core listeners. Plan special weekends and remotes that invite audience participation.
  1. Program to the core listener. Conduct research and play the best songs people want to hear. Every time they tune in, they should listen to a favorite song.
  1. Constantly promote digital and at-work listening. Promote your digital assets – your app, website, and smart speaker listening, and ask for at-work listening.  The 8 AM to 5 PM workday is your longest daypart!
  1. Radio is both an art and a science. It’s an intimate, interactive live art form. The listener is our guest. It’s our job to entertain them and create an environment that adds enjoyment to their lives. Radio is an adaptable medium.
  2. Don’t be all things to all people. Success begins by carving out a niche, defining a target, choosing a format, developing a strategic marketing plan, and staying focused. Ratings are important, but the listeners and advertisers will ultimately decide if you’re doing a good job. Get the product right, and the revenue will follow.
  1. Radio is not a jukebox. Every great radio station reflects a perfect balance of music, personality, information, emotion, and fun. Make the station clutter-free, easy to listen to, and forward-moving. Always give the listener a reason to stay tuned for the next 15 minutes, at least. 
  1. Conduct non-traditional forms of marketing to guarantee you “touch” lots of new listeners every day.  Form partnerships with organizers of community and holiday events. Consider promotions for Back to School, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Email marketing and push notifications are inexpensive yet effective.
  1. Conduct email marketing to your listener database weekly. Email marketing builds awareness, listener retention, and tune-in. Three-fourths of US internet users check their email on a mobile device, so marketing messages should be designed to be read on a smartphone.

Email marketing suggestions:

+   Build a listener database and email them often.

+   Play to your base – by notifying your loyal core of advance notice of contests to increase their involvement.

+   Use your email blasts to gain tune-in to contests, talent benchmarks, interviews, and remotes.

+   Constantly build your database.  Collect names and emails of everyone who requests a song or goes to a station remote.  And promote them often, as every online business does.

+   Create an at-work e-mail network.

+   Run client contests where the only way to qualify is by email, then use entries to solicit listening.

+   Every contest entry should ask for the person’s email address and then use this info in your marketing.

+   Create an interactive “request a song” page on your website and ask for the person’s email address.

Email marketing is not expensive, yet very effective for radio.  Beyond email marketing, send push notification “blasts” to those with your station app.

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John Lund is President of the Lund Media Group, a radio programming, broadcast consulting, and research firm with specialists in all mainstream radio formats.  Leave a comment below or email him at

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