Don’t Sleep on the Staycations

Right now, most stations are gearing up for their big Spring promotion. With budgets everywhere being tight, it’s hard to come up with something the listener will WANT to win, while staying within the money strain.

Here’s where we get simple…I know trips have been all the rage since, well, since humans existed. So, let’s give away a trip! To…HERE! Staycations have become a huge thing in my home. We have two kids and since Covid, things have been tight. However, we still want to get away as a family. The kids LOVE a specific restaurant with an arcade inside it and they always ask to stay at a hotel with a pool. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve just packed up and found a hotel within a half hour/hour distance and stayed for a night or two on the weekend. They love it! We don’t need to go somewhere far or fancy. Just getting away as a family is enough.

On air, you can do the same thing. Find a nice hotel with a pool…but first do your research!! Look at reviews and study the cleanliness, amenities, and staff to find a hotel that will not disappoint your loyal listener. Get a voucher for the stay so your winner can pick the date.

Next, look for a fun restaurant nearby. Try to find someplace that serves food but also has games or bowling. Again, do lots of research. This would be something great for your interns to tackle. Have them call around and look at all the reviews. When you find that restaurant, get a GC that will cover dinner and some games.

Finally, a gas card and GC to Target or something like that so the travel is covered and they can get new swimwear or snacks for the trip.

You can spin this and make it a fun win for the entire family! Let’s not forget trade for gift cards as well.


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