Dashboard Promotions Drive Ratings

When I was a kid, you had to listen to the radio to find out what specific times to check back in, in order to win stuff. Sure, some stations still utilize that classic “call to action” way of grabbing listeners, however, now you can take advantage of a technology right inside your car.
You’ve seen the name of the radio station, what song is playing, and who’s on air right at that moment on your car’s dashboard. So why not use that as a way to promote a contest?
Just as you would program all the info previously mentioned, you can program when a contest can pop up. A station in Detroit just ran a “Watch and Win” promotion where messages were sent out via HD Radio and RDS. Images displayed when to “listen to win” tickets to a show, just like you would see on the station website. The station noticed a growth in Nielson numbers after implementing this new strategy.

Times in radio are changing, and while some things can be scary, some can be really exciting! This will change the contesting game. Don’t be the last to jump on it.

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