Changing Up Your Show Isn’t a Bad Thing

Developing your show and/or updating with new content can be both fun and a little overwhelming. Maybe you’ve done these bits or benchmarks for years and aren’t quite ready to give those up. It’s important to evolve with your listeners. Sometimes those elements you’re used to are stale, and you’ve done them for so long, it’s hard to notice it yourself. If someone suggests changing things up a bit, hear them out. It’s being brought up for a reason.

Now that you’re ready to shake things up a bit, what about your show are you willing to move on from? If you’re still doing a birthday roll call…let’s start there. This isn’t Wake Up San Fracisco. Also, how many times have you said happy birthday to someone only to find out they’ve passed away. Those phone calls are AWKWARD. I worked on a morning show for a bit where the bday roll call was still a thing and they just kept all the birthdays on actual paper and used those every day. No matter how hard I tried to suggest other things we could do, it was a “staple” of the show. You can change it up to a Birthday Wheel. Have a section on your website for listeners to send in their birthday. Every morning, spin the birthday wheel and whoever’s name pops up wins a prize if they call in when they hear their name announced.

Another fun one I’ve done is What’s in the Box. I used the sound bite from Seven. This is for a little more edgy shows…I used clues from the game Dirty Minds. Obviously, you’d have to pick and choose which clues to use. It was a lot of fun!

I also did a Missed Connection type of thing. These got pretty wild. With social media it’s easy to find who you’re looking for. However, people do like having their story told on air. Sometimes they make stuff up and call in, but that’s completely fine! If it’s great on air, go for it! There were a few instances where an older person tried to find someone they knew a long time ago. That got pretty interesting.

“That Kid said WHAT?” Teachers here the craziest things! I’ve seen some hilarious Tik Toks where teachers will talk about something they overheard between a couple of kids, or something that was said to them. Have teachers call in every Friday with the craziest thing a kid said in class.

Misheard Lyrics. I  am notorious for singing the wrong lyrics. You can either sing them or say the wrong lyrics and listeners have to guess what song it’s from and what the actual lyrics are.

These are the top 5 I’ve loved hearing or have done. Have some fun! Brainstorm and make sure you are taking your listener into consideration. Again, you want to ensure it’s something your particular audience would be into.

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