Artist to Watch: Demps

Artist to watch? I use a question mark because while the song is catchy and I could see girls on boats with seltzers all summer singing along, the “artist” has some online drama surrounding her.

Katie Dempsey, Demps on TikTok, gained a huge following on the social media platform when she started posting videos highlighting her life as a single mother, with a no-effs-given attitude. Single moms everywhere related. Guys all over fawned for her. She’s gorgeous and funny! She seemed to be everyone’s best friend, and the girl next door. She’s loud and ready for a good time!

Now, with more than 1.8 million followers, she’s had a little taste of fame. If you believe what you read and see, there might be a bit of commotion going on behind the scenes, possibly due to the instant notoriety. She, recently, was kicked out of a bar. However, personal life aside…the song is really good!

According to Demps, Bitch on Wine charted on the country charts when it was first released earlier this month. If she can keep the momentum going and follow up with a strong second release, we might see more of this wild child outside social media.

My advice? Keep your head in the game, Demps. Disregard what people are saying, including me, and keep on keepin on with the music. There’s clear talent and the energy is top notch. This could be an incredible live show to attend! With this kind of following, she already has a great fan base. That’s half the battle! Social media followers are LOYAL. This is a solid reason more artists are getting discovered via videos on their socials.

Time will tell. My fingers are crossed we see more of her music and less of the drama.

Photo courtesy of therealdemps93 on Instagram

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