Promotion Idea: Adopt a DJ

Promotions are all about promoting a client and working with them to get more revenue by utilizing your station and talent. What if you could do that AND attain more listeners due to the compassion you show during the event?

“Adopt a DJ” is a great way to get involved in your community, while partnering with sales to promote an event with possible sponsorships. During this appearance, an on-air talent would be in an animal shelter. You can sit in a kennel or simply inside the shelter. The idea is to adopt you out. You will set a certain monetary goal, once that goal is reached, you’ve been “adopted out.” This very well could be an all day event and start during the morning show. When I was planning on doing this, I was going to wear a dog onesie costume and listeners could come to the shelter and take pics with me for a donation. We’d take donations of pet food, blankets, anything the shelter needed and if they brought their receipt, that amount would go towards the goal.

Sales can get involved by having every hour sponsored by a client. They can also be on site and donate that hour as well, or say they would match that hour’s donation. However sales wants to spin it, the hourly sponsorship would be mentioned on air, on social media, on the website…any way you can get their name out that hour, do it. Listeners love when animals are involved.

If this is the first year doing this promotion, you will need ample time to promote it on air and on social media. Allow yourself enough time to pitch to clients and find a reputable shelter to partner with. Also, understand pet adoption is a sensitive subject, so communication with the shelter is key! Be sure you know exactly what you can and can’t do inside and outside the shelter. Ask them if you can feature pets on your social media while the event is taking place. Just make sure you are in constant contact with the manager.

As is with every promotion, research research research. It’s important everyone is on board with what’s expected during this event and everyone knows their role. Make sure the shelter you’re working with doesn’t have any complaints and has been an honest organization. The last thing you want is to get backlash for choosing a shelter that is not good to their animals.

This can be a phenomenal way to get listener involvement while helping your community.  It’s Spring! Personally, we’ve been looking to adopt a furry family member, and I know a few others are as well. People want to get outside again and walk their new dog. This is a prime time to make this promotion happen. Have fun with it!

Image by senivpetro on Freepik

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