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Even the seasoned radio vet can hit a wall when it comes to updating the show. You never want to be stagnant with on-air content. We want to ALWAYS be changing. Always be better. Bettering yourself might mean coming up with new ideas to shake things up a bit.

Sure, we do want those specific timed benchmarks. A lot of the morning drive listeners use those as a sort of marker for their commute… “Oh! They are doing question of the day! I’m supposed to be at the school by now!” You can still have something in the particular time slot…just make it a little different. Change can be GOOOOD. Embrace the new. It’s fun!

That being said, and hopefully we are a little more comfortable with the idea of implementing something new into the show…here are a few ideas to incorporate into your already interesting production:

  1. This is great for a new show…Do a simple Q&A through social media. Have them ask you questions about yourself, you pick a few and answer them on air.
  2. Fun Fact of the Day! Instead of YOU reading a fun fact…have a listener call in with something weird they know! Make sure you fact check after they tell you the “fact” so you don’t get yourself caught in a “cancel” situation.
  3. Weird but helpful advice. Again, this is great for listener interaction. This topic is a great tool to get callers. Have them call with weird but helpful advice or a quote… “At the end of the day, the day’s gotta end.” Sounds dumb, right? But if you think about it…every day ends and then you get a new beginning. This can be a lot of fun and really funny.
  4. New Food for You! Every parent gets caught with recipe ideas…Post a new recipe to your social media and on your station blog. These get shared a TON! Ask listeners for their fave recipe. You can get it to a point where if you get a lot of recipes…you can use one of theirs to post once a week. If you pick theirs, they could get a GC to a local grocery store. This could turn into a pretty lucrative contest.
  5. Weird News…with all the alien conspiracy and UFO happenings, this is a great topic for any show. There are lots of sites with these stories…just make sure they are real and not satire.
  6. Dumb Criminal…this could be LOCAL! Local local local! That’s so important when we are competing with AI.
  7. Bring back the 1930s radio! Personally, I LOVE looking back to those dramatic readings. Once a week, have a group of actors come in to read a story in the old school 1930s sound. Have sound effects and make it really dramatic.
  8. WWYD…create a crazy scenario…it doesn’t have to be real…and relate the story on air. Ask the listener what they would do? Have them call in. That new story of the woman vs the child with the window on the airplane is a perfect example of this.
  9. Find someone with a perfect impersonation of an actor…Christopher Walken, Matthew McConaughey…and have them “call in” every Friday with their weekend plans. But the plans are LOCAL events.
  10. All Request Hour Friday. Create a post on Monday asking for their request and pin it to the top of the FB page. Or create a space on your website where they can submit their request. Friday, take a tally of all the requests and the most requested songs will be played in the final hour of your show.

All of these can be a weekly thing. Each day of the week can have their own new feature. You don’t have to completely change your show. Adding one new thing every now and then will update it enough to stay relevant. You don’t have to completely overhaul the entire program. Have fun with these! Remember, change can be good.

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